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Building Diversity

Client: Public Service Agency | Role: Tone of Voice

Building Diversity is a non-profit dedicated to disrupting the “starchitect” narrative and supporting diverse and inclusive architecture. So it’s natural they reached out to Public Service Agency – with its focus on diversity in advertising – to build their brand. And for the tone of voice, Public Service found me – a writer who is passionate about all these things. I drew on research and exploration from Public Service to develop a unique voice that expressed Building Diversity’s activism and allyship – yet could speak to different stakeholders, from firms and institutions to aspiring architects. 


Helping the agencies and organisations that are driving change – a dream gig, really.


Concept & Script

There is this place

Client: Accenture Song (Agency) and Business Finland (Client) | Role: Concept & Script

The world’s happiest country, Finland is a hub for technology, talent and green solutions  – but some people don’t even know where it is. (See also: the 2015 viral Reddit conspiracy that Finland does not exist.)  Tasked with attracting international business partners to Finland, agency Accenture Song invited me to collaborate with their art director on a new idea – and the result is this fun concept that plays on Finland as the world’s best kept-secret. Like a lot of my work with Nordic organisations, the key is balancing Nordic humility and self-deprecating humour while still selling their unique way of life. 

TOV & Campaign

A State of Denmark

Client: Copenhagen Capacity | Role: Tone of Voice and landing page copy

Life in Denmark is so good, it’s practically award-winning – routinely topping lists as the happiest, most productive or greenest country. The problem is, Danes don’t brag easily – even when they badly need to attract international talent. So when Copenhagen Capacity asked me to develop the tone of voice for their global recruitment campaign and rebrand, it had to stay true to Danish self-deprecating humour. I crafted a unique TOV and some of the landing page copy to playfully sell internationals on moving to this small and cold country, delivering guidance with the right touch of tongue-in-cheek.  




Client: Planday | Role: Campaign and landing page copy

Fully booked, understaffed? Yeah, you’re gonna need Planday for that! In a playful and relatable campaign, scheduling software Planday reminds busy hospitality businesses that we all need a little help managing shifts sometimes. As copywriter, I took on the light-hearted tone of the concept and ran with it in a fun landing page – and supporting content – that speaks to the heart of hospitality hurdles and how tech can help. 


Tell it with colours

Client: Capture One | Role: Concept development and copy execution

To celebrate the power of colour in Capture One’s photo editing software, we invited three photographers to tell a visual story about their lives under the pandemic – using just one colour. The result was “Tell it with colours” – a thought-provoking and visually-arresting campaign unfolded in three chapters: red, green and blue. I developed the idea with my Art Director – and then wrote all the words.

“I can tell you with all honesty that the women I worked with at Capture One listened to my every worry, jumped on calls despite the 6 hour time difference, and allowed me to suggest edits to the final text. Thank you for portraying my work in a way that makes me comfortable while also showing the power of your gorgeous photo editing software. It was fun to share openly in this series how the pandemic affected my creativity and career as a freelancer.”

– Jennifer Adler (The Blue Story)


Beyond Styles

Client: Capture One | Role: Concept development and copy execution

To promote the launch of new Styles (image presets) from Capture One – I named the two Style Packs “Beyond FIlm” and “Beyond Black and White” to reflect presets that went beyond ordinary filters and were more versatile than any previous Styles collection. I used language to invoke the idea of nostalgic and classic looks with a modern twist.

Non-fiction essay

Being Houso

Overland literary journal

After the sale of an iconic Sydney social housing complex, I penned this essay about growing up as an immigrant and “houso” in Sydney’s wealthy Northern Beaches, and what it taught me about class, housing inequality and the myth of Australian egalitarianism.

Feature writing

The Posters of Tivoli Gardens

Pleasure Garden Magazine

Part elegant amusement park, part pleasure garden, Copenhagen’s 174-year-old Tivoli has entranced visitors since the 1840s. For years, artists were commissioned to create an annual poster capturing the dreamlike world beyond Tivoli’s gates.

Voiceover & Scriptwriting

What makes a photo unforgettable?

Client: Capture One | Role: Concept, scriptwriting and voiceover

I wrote the script and performed the voiceover for the inspirational video, “What makes a photo unforgettable?”, for the Capture One 20 launch. The clip aimed to inspire visual creatives to look beyond the camera and celebrate photo editing as a key part of the creative journey.


Book Chapter – "Danish Designs"

August Journal

From Danish into English, I translated the book chapter “Danish Designs” from the book Jens Haraald Quistgaard: A Danish Designer by Emilie Rasch, for publication in issue 05 of August Journal.


Sustain Yearly Magazine

I translated the 2017 Danish edition of Nordic sustainability and lifestyle magazine “Sustain Yearly” into English. I ensured that the text was updated to a flawless and native English, while staying true to the playful tone of the original magazine.


Vesterbro, the rebel

The Murmur

From World War II resistance fighters to renegade volunteers assisting with addiction, there’s a forgotten history of rebellion embedded in the rapidly-gentrifying Copenhagen neighbourhood.

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